April 2001

April 8th, 2001 / Sunday / 1:00 PM

Received my new sump and skimmer set from Precision Marine. I replaced my Reef Devil 3 with a Bullet 1 skimmer. The reason was because the Reef Devil was always very sensitive to the water level in the sump and difficult to calibrate. The Bullet 1 uses a Becket injector as found in pond systems and produces very fine bubbles. I also purchased the waste collector from them and a Mag 12 pump to drive the skimmer. The sump is all acrylic and has a set of baffles to stop the air bubbles from returning to the main tank. Mike at PM built it for me and it looks great!

I also purchased the following livestock from Aquarium Concepts:
  • Bicolor blenny, Ecsenius bicolor
  • Purple stylaster, Distichopora. I am not sure if this is an LPS or SPS (have seen websites that say both), but I do know that it is non-photosynthetic and therefore will feed on phytoplantkon. From appearances, it looks like an SPS.

April 19th, 2001 / Thursday / 6:00 PM

Purchased some fish at Aquatic Variations in Mountain View, CA:
  • 2 Purple firefish, Nemateleotris decora
  • 3 more green Chromis

April 25th, 2001 / Wednesday / 6:00 PM

Tank is really going well. Coralline algae is now abundant on the back glass of the tank. It is growing in dime and quarter sized circles.

On the left you can see a graph of the Temp, pH, ORP, Alkalinity, and Calcium levels from the start of the year.

Note the two peaks in alkalinity in mid-January and the end of February from dosing errors that resulted in the loss of a few corals. Also note how the calcium was reduced by the rise in alkalinity (during the first event particularly) as well as reductions in ORP.

Temperature has been stable throughout this period. pH has been rising slowly throughout the period - I think this is because the tank was less than 2 months old when this chart begins and so it was still going through the maturation process.

April 26th, 2001 / Thursday / 12:00 PM

Received order from Anchofish in Brea, CA:
  • 3" Powder blue tang, Acanthurus leucosternon
  • Rock with several purplish Bull's eye mushrooms, Rhodactis sp.
  • Daisy polyps, Clavularia

April 29th, 2001 / Sunday / 6:00 PM

Added around 15 pounds of Fijian live rock to tank. I am getting a large SPS frag order this week and want to be able to mount the frags close to the light.

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