May 2001

May 1st, 2001 / Tuesday / 5:00 PM

Did my first fragging effort. Cut away 4-5 stalks of pink pulse Xenia with a knife and gave them to a local reefer who I met on This Xenia was added in mid-February with 4 stalks and has grown to 15 stalks in 2.5 months. This is equal to ~275% growth over the entire period or ~14% compounded growth per week!

May 2nd, 2001 / Wednesday / 10:00 AM

Received the following frag order from Greg Hiller. I really recommend him for SPS frags - the best price, quality, and size of frags around!
  • Bright green tissue with green polyps Acropora, a slimer
  • Purple-tipped with green polyps Acropora
  • Pink with bluish tips table top Acropora
  • Pink with yellow tips Acropora, maybe A. millepora
  • Brown/tan Acropora, A. elseyi
  • Larry Jackson's purple-tipped Acropora
  • Huge bright green Montipora, M. digitata
  • Bright purple Montipora, M. digitata
  • Huge orange Montipora capricornis
  • Bright green Hydnophora
  • Pink with green polyps Stylophora
  • Pink/silver button polyps, Zoanthus
  • Clove polyps, Clavularia
I also move the lighting schedule to actinics on for 14 hours per day and metal halides on for 12 hours.

May 5th, 2001 / Saturday / 10:00 AM

I did a 10% water change yesterday as I hadn't done one in a while. As usual, I did not let the new water sit before long before placing into the tank. This time, however, the pink pulsing Xenia colony shrivelled up. I have seen this happen before with buffer additions (alkalinity changes) but not when adding new water. From now on, I plan to let the newly mixed saltwater sit for a 24 hour period with a powerhead providing oxygenation. I think the Xenia will be fine in a few weeks.

May 8th, 2001 / Tuesday / 6:00 PM

Fragged my Briareum (green star polyps) completely and glued them to the back of tank.

May 9th, 2001 / Wednesday / 9:00 AM

Needed some clean-up crew so I ordered from Garf:
  • 57 snails and 25 crabs (mixed)
  • Blue-tip Acropora frag
  • Seriatopora frag
  • Tri-color Acropora frag
  • Acropora gemifera frag
  • Purple Acropora frag
  • Purple bottlebrush Acropora frag
  • Blue Capnella frag
Their frags are pretty small and are mounted in a poor fashion, i.e. superglue everywhere and not even allowed to encrust over their frag base.

May 11th, 2001 / Friday / 5:00 PM

Installed my Geo dual-chamber calcium reactor. I am no longer adding SeaChem products to maintain calcium and alkalinity. I will let the reactor take care of this. The only additives I plan to use now are kalkwasser from time to time if the calcium/alkalinity balance gets out of whack, and Iodine supplements every few weeks.

May 26th, 2001 / Saturday / 5:00 PM

Added a orange/yellow Scleronephthea from Reef Science as well as another Chromis.

May 31st, 2001 / Thursday / 11:00 AM

Received several new frags from Dr. Mac & Sons Corals. I also really recommend them for frags - great selection, size, and quality.
  • Purple Monitipora digitata
  • Extra large blue-tip Acropora millepora
  • Extra large purple-tip lemon base with green polyps Acropora
  • Extra large green base with pink polyps Acropora
  • Brown with green polyps Acropora
  • Blue Acropora #2
  • Blue-tip Acropora
  • Pavona
  • Yellow porites
  • Pachyseris aka Elephant skin
  • "Bright green tree", probably Nephthea

  • Plus a few sprigs of Caulerpa for the sump.

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