July 2001

July 7th, 2001 / Saturday / 4:00 PM

Setup a do-it-yourself (DIY) refugium for about $30. Materials included a 3 gallon rubber bucket from Home Depot, a Rio 800 to push water up into the fuge, some PVC parts drilled into the side of the bucket to gravity flow the return water back into the sump, and a Lights of America fluorescent bulb for the light source. I also added a few inches of Southdown sand for the substrate.

The light is on 24 hours a day to stabilize the pH in the tank. The primary reason for setting up the fuge was to provide a safe haven for macroalgae to grow in order to remove nutrients from the water. However, since the fuge is downstream of the main return pump, copepods and amphipods probably won't be making it back to the tank (another reason people set up refugiums).

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