This is my 400 g tank. It was setup 7/2000. More pictures to come in the near future. Click links below for pictures
Full view
L side of tank
R side of tank
T. gigas
Group 1
Purple Acropora
Montipora capricornis
Green Acropora
Purple tip Acropora
T. crocea

My two sons. Austin and Orion. This picture was taken on 5/22/99. The morning after Orion was born.

This reef tank is nomore. I broke it down when I move from Seattle to Corpus Christi, Texas in Sept 1999. I am setting up an new reef useing the same tank, and setting up a larger tank . Both are up as of 7/27/00. Hope pictures are comming soon. For now, click on the image to go to my reef pages as it was on August, 1999.