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Store Reviews

Local Fish Stores (LFS) in Northern California

Name Location Website Selection Low Cost Livestock Quality Service Overall Comments
Aquatic Reflections Dublin, CA Aquatic Reflections Very High High Very High Very High Very High Robert runs a garage operation but has an amazing selection of wild and cultured SPS corals and clams. Really worth the trip.
Aquarium Concepts Hayward, CA High High Medium Medium High A fair drive, but worth it. I am always able to find a great deal here on lots of different corals and fish.
Aquatic Variations Mountain View, CA Low Medium Medium Medium Medium Good store, but unfortunately mostly freshwater.
T & T Aquarium and Koi Pond San Jose, CA Medium Medium Low Medium Medium Decent store, but could improve quality on reef items.
Sixth Avenue Aquarium San Francisco, CA Low High Low Low Low I bought a purple tang here that introduced ich into my tank. It was very inexpensive, however.
Seascapes Mountain View, CA ? ? ? ? ? The prior owner had a bad attitude, however I understand they have new management. So it's worth it to check them out.


Name Website Location Specialty Low Cost Quality Rarity Service Overall Comments
Ron Coleman Detroit, MI SPS frags Very High Very High High Very High Very High Ron has a great selection of rare SPS. A lot of his mother colonies were acquired from another great SPS keeper Phil McGrew who is currently taking a breather from the hobby.
Dynamic Ecomorphology (Steve Tyree) Rancho Cucamonga, CA SPS frags Medium Very High High Very High Very High Steve Tyree is one of the most renowned SPS keepers. His tanks have been featured in numerous publications.
Reef Farmers Rancho Cucamonga, CA SPS frags Medium Very High High Very High Very High Steve Tyree (from Dynamic Ecomorpology) set up this site for farmers to sell their cuttings. He has some of the greatest farmers signed up. If you collect SPS, you have shopped here.
Greg Hiller Wakefield, MA SPS frags Very High Very High Medium Very High Very High I purchased 13 frags from Greg. They were huge in size and just as colorful as depicted at his website.
Joe Kelley Los Angeles, CA SPS frags Very High High High Very High Very High Joe has a lot of great frags - if you are into SPS you need to check him out.
Dr. Mac & Sons Corals Salisbury, MD Frags of all sorts, including split bubble tip anenomes High Very High Medium Very High Very High Mac has a really great selection of SPS, LPS, soft corals, and anenomes. The size and selection of the frags is tremendous.
Upscales Portland, OR SPS frags High High High Medium High These guys have an amazing deep blue Acro that I highly recommend. The shipment however could have been better packed as two frags arrived with broken branches.
GARF Boise, ID Clean-up crews, frags Medium Medium Medium Low Medium Garf is great for clean-up crew. Their frags are very small and their website is difficult to navigate. Getting responses from them via email is nearly impossible.
Corals and Fish
The Marine Center Dallas, TX Rare and exotic fish Medium Very High High High These guys are expensive but have a great selection of rare fish. I paid a lot for my Anthias from them, but they are the most colorful and healthy Anthias I have ever seen.
Jeff's Exotic Fish Los Angeles, CA 9 corals for $99 High High Medium High Jeff's is a great place. While I have not ordered online from them nor done the 9 for $99 deal, I have visited them in person and walked away with some very nice corals and fish.
Inland Aquatics Terre Haute, IN Detritivore kit, tank raised and captive-reared fish High Medium High Medium I purchased several fish some of which I was not satisifed with and their customer service responded very quickly. Their detritivore kit is great.
Anchofish Brea, CA High Medium Medium Medium They have decent livestock, but are usually difficult to contact via email.
J&B's Marine Propagations Crofton, MD Medium Medium High Medium Selection is not that great, but that said, Jeremy is good about trying to find special-order corals and fish.
Dry Goods
Marine Depot Santa Ana, CA High High High A great place to get dry goods.
Flying Fish Express Inglewood, CA High High High Another great place to get dry goods.
Premium Aquatics Indianapolis, IN They also sell livestock, but I have not purchased any High Medium Medium They have a great reputation, but my experience with them is that it is very difficult to get Jason on the phone to provide any valuable insight.
Geo Unknown Calcium reactorsVery High High High Very High George built my custom calcium reactor for me.
Precision Marine Houston, TX Protein skimmers, calcium reactors, and custom sumpsHigh High Very High Very High These guys built my custom sump for me. Mike worked with me every step of the way.
Athens Aquarium Athens, GA RO/DI systemsHigh High High High Great prices on Aqua Fx RO/DI systems.

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